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Peter Williams

Pan is not his surname, yet this Peter was a six-foot big kid last year when he rode his daughter’s bike 211 back-busting, knee-bruising miles. Leaving for Land’s End from Bristol Children’s hospital, where Ellie was diagnosed aged 7 with an incurable brain tumour, Peter raised £52,194 for The Brain Tumour Charity. Five times his ambitious target, all in memory of his little girl, on her little pink bike...

Steve Cody

Mel B’s old fitness instructor, Steve doesn’t listen to the Spice Girls as much as DJ Casper’s ‘Cha-Cha Slide’ these days. He’s playing it every day of 2019, doing all the moves in the plank position on his hands and toes, with a new group of backing dancers each time - and he’s filming it. Several hundred people of all ages have been inspired to join him. From schools to hospitals, police stations to care homes - not only in the UK, but sliding to the left and the right in Spain too! They’re all helping to raise awareness and over £8,000 for CancerCare North Lancashire & South Cumbria – who supported Steve’s sister, Andrea through treatment for breast cancer.

Emma Massingale

Think you could cycle 1,000 kilometres? While pulling two mini ponies and a dog in a cart? They might be little but at 180kg, Stanley and Percy aren’t light, Emma could tell you. From Switzerland, through France, Germany, and the Netherlands, they had the wind in their manes, hay to snack on and the world whizzing by – leisurely making a point about the plight of working animals who aren’t so pampered (or well-travelled!). Emma’s £2,021 helps Brooke Action For Working Horses and Donkeys to make more animals happy and comfortable. She stopped in at local schools to bring smiles and slept out with her gang under the stars.